CRNA Continuing Education for Women


Join your CRNA sisters ...

From: Jennifer Sewell CRNA

Dear CRNA Sister and Friend,

I am extending this invitation to you to join our community of CRNAs who learn together and support each other.  It may just may change your life. 

In our community you will be surrounded by women just like you, while you discover how to empower your mindset, while improving your skill set and expanding your professional network. 

There is something magical about coming together with other women who share the same background as you and sharing your experiences with one another. I feel like women everywhere are craving a life full of purpose and impact. 

Here you will connect with other CRNA women who also want meaningful connection, sisterhood, mentorship and leadership. You will be surrounded by women who will support you as you rise up and step fully into your journey of living a life unlocked. 

Live Your Life Unlocked

"I've been to many CE conferences and I have never seen anything like this" - Ericka Mulhall CRNA

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