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Frequently Asked Questions:
How many CE credits will I earn?
It depends on the program you select (live seminar or online program) but our online program allows you to earn 25 Class A Credit per year, we do two live CE per month and some bonus lectures throughout the year.
Do I have to take a test?
You simply complete a self-evaluation which is sent to you after every live webinar.  For classes completed on the platform a simple 5 question quiz is completed online.
How do I get my credit?
As soon as we receive your self-evaluation, we email you a certificate of completion and submit your credit to the AANA.
What if I miss one of the live CE lectures?
No problem, we record all the lectures and they are hosted on an online-learning platform, that you have access to and can complete at a later date. 
When do you have the lectures?
  Our Guarantee:
Customer Service Guarantee
We pride ourselves on making your continuing education painless.  We love our customers and it is our job to take care of everything for you.  You just attend the lectures or complete them online and we take care of the rest.