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09/12/2019: To Err is Human: Medication Errors

09/29/2019: Ketamine: An Old Drug With a New Use

10/15/2019: Hypothermia

10/27/2019: Addiction and Substance Abuse in Anesthesiology

11/07/2019: PONV

11/25/2019: Occupational Stress in Anesthesiology and Coping Strategies for the CRNA

12/10/2019: Morbid Obesity and Anesthesia Complications

12/16/2019: A Hostile Work Environment: Dealing with Difficult Personalities in the Perioperative Setting

 01/09/2020: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Do they belong in the OR?

01/26/2020: Second Victim Syndrome and Its Impact on the CRNA

02/09/2020: Occupational Hazards of Anesthesia

02/24/2020: Radiation Exposure and Its Effect on the Anesthesia Provider

03/09/2020: Preventing Back Pain in the Anesthesia Provider

03/29/2020: Social Support for Healthcare Workers
Jennifer Sewell
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Jennifer graduated from Arkansas State University with a MSN-Anesthesia in 2009. She went to work as a new-graduate CRNA at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, AR.

Desiring to have more time at home, she then accepted a full-time OB anesthesia CRNA position. After acquiring several years of anesthesia experience, she then became an independent contractor and provides anesthesia in the office setting. 

Jennifer believes that the best way to learn is from one another's experiences. Her live webinar CE lectures are reflective of that belief and she considers herself a facilitator of conversation between colleagues. 
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